Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lillium Longiflorum.

Also known as the November Lily and Christmas Lily. I have them growing next to our entertainment area, amongst a self sown Night Scented Jasmine. During the day, we have the wonderful perfume of the Lillies and at night time, the Jasmine. So perfect, with Christmas only a week away. As we are having the Christmas meal and opening of gifts from Santa, in the garden this year.
Wish I had a scratchy gadget on here so you could smell the flowers.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


How can this be?

I have one Hydrangea shrub in the front garden, yet there are three different colours of flowers on it.

The shrub gets no attention what so ever (Only from visitors who admire it) It gets the odd rain shower on it, has never been fed and has a prune when I get tired of looking at the brownish coloured flowers during winter.
It gets very little sun, as it faces South-east.

I marvel at it's beauty. The colours are
just fabulous.

The little picture at the bottom is of another
Hydrangea I have in the back garden.
This one gets fed with Rose food 3-4 times
a year. And always keeps the same colour,
faces north-east and gets the morning sun only.