Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cannas and Glads.

It is such a busy time of the year right now, getting ready for Christmas, shopping for gifts, and all the preparation in the kitchen too. It is also very busy in the garden. So many plants and flowers need tending to, to look their best. Here's two plants that have done so very well this year. The Gladioli and the Canna Lillies. I found time today to have a play with the camera out in the garden and these are the results. Gladioli. One of a bag of twelve I managed to get from a nursery some 8 years ago. Nearly every year, somehow my dear other half manages to pull these out, thinking they are weeds. He had strict instructions to stay away from them this year. This is a close up of the flowers with a black cardboard sheet behind. Aren't they magnificent?

Below, is a photo I borrowed from Google images of Canna indica Tropicanna black, as my leaves have been eaten a little by caterpillars.
And here is the close up of my Canna indica (Tropicanna black) with the same black cardboard background. Notice how the sun shinning on them has brought out the gold colour. This is not visible to the naked eye and I got quite a shock when I saw the photograph. But still very striking.

That is enough of my playing for now, back to the kitchen, shopping etc etc etc.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Extraordinary Gold Star Special Award.

Well, I said in the previous post, that I should start giving out awards from this blog. (I have given some from my other blog, ) This one seems to sit well with me. Pink background, gold, and a star.
I adore the colour pink, gold is my favorite precious metal. The people who I am giving it to, are all stars.

In no special order, I would like to start with...

Julie in the U.S.A @
Julie has a very informative gardening blog and her passion shows.

Maria in the U.K. @
Maria loves pink too, and loves to bake and make cakes. Her pink spotted
chocolate cake is a *must see*. Yum yum Maria.

Vicky in the U.K. @
Vicky has a very tasty blog indeed. Her simple chocolate cake is a must. I did it for my eldest son's birthday recently.

Brenda in Ireland @
Brenda never seems to leave her kitchen, there is always something baking in that oven of hers. But we know she does leave it 'cos of the wonderful garden picture she sent me for the post IRELAND, in Guests Gardens.

The GIRLS of
Gail, Coby and Nikki, you are all excellent writers, cooks, cake decorators and photographers of food. This is one heck of a good blog. Keep it up girls.

Now, what I would like you all to do is....
Think long and hard to whom you would like to pass this on to. Select FIVE blogs, and pass this award on to them. Stating these rules. If we all pass it on to five, it should soon reach the whole of the blogging world.

A thoughtful Gift.

Thank you so very much Brenda. This means a lot to me. Can I put it under *Awards*? Well that's where it is going. (LOL)
Brenda is the owner of that lovely house and garden, IRELAND, in my quest's gardens. Please see labels.
She is also the writer of Please go and see the sterling work she is doing in the kitchen and on many foodie sites too.
Brenda is not feeling too well at the moment, so you visiting her and leaving her a message, will no doubt cheer her up no end.
I think it's time that I started giving a few awards out from this blog, so stay tuned, am off to have a look for some.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Penrith. N.S.W. Australia.

This is another *Guests spot* from around the world. This time, my parents house and gardens in Penrith. N.S.W. Above, is the front of the house, notice the Spirea (May bush) in the centre of the bed to the left. Not in flower here, but later in this post, it is mentioned again, in flower and with a wild visitor.
Below, is a photo of the back garden. Small, but well used and planted out with over 70 rose bushes, ferns, lilies, small trees and fuchsias. The swing has now travelled up the coast to my back garden, giving them a lot more room for plants.
This is/was Mum's pride of joy. Pride of Madeira. Sadly, with high winds and too much water (as it was a bit of a boggy site) It is no more. So yes, you have guessed it, drainage redone, and new roses are in.

The Tree Dalia. Grown from a cutting, and reached over ten foot in a year.
The perfume is outstanding, the bees love it, and the noise coming from them, is almost deafening. Busy bees.

Below, is the May bush mentioned earlier, but now in full bloom. And with a visitor. This lorikeet landed on my mum's head. Now let me explain. Mum doesn't like birds doing that (LOL), she is a little scarred of them. Fine, if they are in the air, trees or on the ground even, but not on her head! There is a photo somewhere, deep in my computer, with it on her head, but I wouldn't do it to her. (The look on her face is priceless)
So, one Rainbow Lorikeet sitting in May bush!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Wild Friends.

Rainbow Lorikeets are a regular visitor to my garden and what a delightful visitor they are too. Their constant chattering to each other and their playful fighting over food gives me such joy. The picture above was taken a few months ago after a heavy downfall of rain, I threw the bread (dipped in honey) out for them and down they came. I have had as many as 50 on my driveway and more in the trees above it.
Below is a close up of the Rainbow Lorikeet so you can see how colourful they are. This is a male. The colour between the sexes is very similar, but the male has a larger head. (Same as in humans really. LOL)

This picture was taken from Google Images. (No copyright involved)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Birds in my Aviary.

I have had an assortment of birds over the years, but have now settled down to just breeding these.

Left, female King Parrot (5 years old)
To the right is the male, just got him and he is 2 years old. They don't get their full colour until they are 3. Notice his beck turning red and a few feathers on his head and chest. Already, these two are making eyes at each other.

One of a pair of Blue Princess Parrots, below.

One of a pair of Green Princess Parrots. Such a pretty bird and very comical to watch.

Indian Ringnecks, a pair. Had these a month now and already they have laid 5 eggs in their breeding box, and hopefully soon, she will go in and sit a while! It will be interesting to see the colours of the babies.

And last is the Quail, bit of a nuisance really, as we have had to put on smaller wire at the bottom of the aviary, as their young are very small and very active from day one. However, they do do a good job in keeping the bottom of the aviary clean. Just don't step on a baby. Dad is on the right, mum in the middle and a 3 week old baby on left. Currently, I have one female sitting on eleven eggs. It will be interesting if they all hatch!!!!


This is the first of many *Guest's Gardens* I hope to do on this blog. It belongs to a dear friend of mine who lives in Ireland, and is a very keen gardener. She also writes on her own blog, which is: A fine cook indeed.

No, I didn't fly over her house to get this photograph, but what a wonderful idea. There's people over there that do this for you, fly over, take pics and then tell you what they have got, and you have the choice of buying them. Very clever!

And I can assure you that her garden is even better than this, when you are on the ground. Soon, I hope she will send me more photographs and I will put them on here.

Thank you Brenda. Now, I would like to give you an award. Why? 'Cos I can and want too.

Come and collect when ever you want.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Succulents, of which there are a few thousand in the world, also do very well on little or no water. My collection has just started really, so don't have that many yet. Here's some photographs of a few of them.
This first one is my favorite, the leaves would be the size of my hand, the palest of greens, edged like a petticoat in pink.
Do you see the flower buds emerging from the centre of the plant? Will have to wait a few days to see what colour they are going to be. Exciting isn't it?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first award.

This blog was started 9 days ago. I am having such fun with it and showing you my favorite garden pictures.

And now I have my first award. From the very talented writer and cook, George.

Her blog is Do go and see her, she would love your visit but please leave a comment too. It is a foodie blog, but she talks of other travels too.

And while I am at it, I might as well tell you about my foodie blog (my other love) You will find it at

Thank you very much George. I adore yours too.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Severe water restrictions.

We have had water restrictions of one sort or another for many years now. But because of the lack of rain over this winter just past, this summer is going to be really hard on the garden. And on my arms! We have put in two smallish sized water tanks, to collect any rain water from the house roof and garage roof. But we can't use the taps outside with a hose attached, so it will be buckets and watering cans being carried around to the plants and trees.
I used to grow all sorts of plants that required a lot of water, but over the last couple of years, have changed to a more draught tolerant garden.
Like these BROMELIADS, that
only need watering around once
a month.

I am sorry, but I am not into botanical names with my plants.

So here is a small selection of pink, purple and red prickly Broms.
Have around 30 different sorts and most are throwing pups at the moment.
Goody goody, more plants.

Bougainvillea Magnifica.

The name says it all doesn't it. This one has been in now for 3 years, was only about 2 foot high, but I wanted something that would grow quickly over my bird aviary. It did!
Three sorts of native birds have made their nests in it too. And the racket that goes on in the late afternoon, when they are all coming back to their nests. You can't hear yourself think! But I love it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



One of a vast number of free outdoor restaurants operated
charity-minded amateurs in an effort to provide healthful,
balanced meals for insects, birds and animals.

Ain't that the truth!
Written by Henry Beard and Roy McKie. (Gardener's Dictionary)
Pictures found in Google images.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome to my new Web Log.

My first entry on my new blog. I shall be writing about my garden, my mother's garden and a few gardens that belong to friends around the world. And of course, lots of lovely photographs.

I live in N.S.W. Australia. We have been in this house now for 12 years and on the Central Coast for 22 years. And in that time, we have not had one frost. So my garden is mainly sub tropical. We also have swimming pool, which I have just landscaped, using a bit of a Bali theme. Over the back fence of the pool area is a Wisteria growing, so we had the pool painted a purple/blue colour to bring that out. Have also painted a few pot and ornaments the same colour.

I am really looking forward, to showing you lots more photographs of my garden, but that is it for now.