Thursday, January 22, 2009


This summer is really taking it's toll on my garden. With severe water restrictions still and the tank water being kept for the vegetables, roses and ferns, the poor grass is really suffering. And a few plants have been lost in my mini rain forest too. Picture above is of the centre of the lawn area, where it gets no shade at all.
Have you ever walked on potato crisps? Did you notice the sound? Well, that's what we have here. A noisy lawn.
Can some one please do a rain dance as our praying for rain is not working.
I hung 10 items of washing on the line today, when I had finished, I checked the first item, and it was dry. So I got it all back in again.
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Sylvia (England) said...

Sally, your comment of putting your washing out and taking it in - is one that I will remember for along time. I can't imagine it being that hot and dry and to be honest I never want to experience it. I hope it rains for you soon.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

islandgal246 said...

Sally, I know the dry feeling of the grass. We are supposed to have started our dry season this month but it has been raining almost every few days and nights from the beginning of this month. I had also had some washing on the line and it has been rained on several times for the past three days. LOL I do hope you get some rain soon.

Anonymous said...

this heatwave must be such a strain for you and everyone else - saw the news this am and it's really serious. hoping it comes to an end soon. From a cold and snowy uk. daisy.x.