Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spring has Sprung.

Has it been six months already since I have made a new post on this blog? My, how time flies when you are having fun.

Since I have been away, I have dealt with a couple of illness's in the family, got a new car, had the pool repainted yet again (as it cracked), a new concrete driveway put in and had two lovely visitors from the U.K.

Was great to see Tony and June (friends from way back when). She loves her flower arranging and is very good at it. They have left for Brisbane now and intend going down to Adelaide as well before going back home. Safe trip to the both of you and thank you for the MARMITE.

Anyway, back to Spring.

Everything in the garden is beautiful. Just love this time of year.

A close up of the Wisteria that is on the fence near the pool, also the same colour as the pool.

A close up of the Eremophila nivea (Emu Bush) that I also have planted in the pool area in a large tub. Similar colouring to the Wisteria and looks very good with the other things planted.


Rhyleysgranny said...

Your spring has sprung and our leaves are turning to autumn fire. Your flowers look lovely. I love wisteria.

Anonymous said...

Sally, I regularly have a look at your garden blog and am pleased you have "come back". Don`t stay away too long next time.

Karens Kitchen said...

Hello, I just love your photos and the birds! I look forward to more posts, and I just planted emu bushes next to our pool - nice to know they have such pretty flowers!I love your poem in the sidebar - do you mind if I use it on my blog? I am a sucker for garden poetry.

Viola said...

Hello Sally,
haven't visited your blog for long. Really nice to hear from you again. Time is running far to fast sometimes. and new things are coming up. Did you already discover this new Australia gardening website It is so huge and really helpful with lot's of amazing pictures and videos in it. There is even a tool which helps you to find suitable plants for your garden. You should have a look.
Read you soon again, hopefully!

Savvy Mummy said...

I love wisteria too! So beautiful!

Missy said...

Just discovered your blog. It's great. I like seeing what other Aussies are doing in their gardens. That wisteria is lovely. We have the white one and it's burst into flower just over the past week or so.

Oakdene said...

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Nicholas Jones said...

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