Friday, November 14, 2008


Succulents, of which there are a few thousand in the world, also do very well on little or no water. My collection has just started really, so don't have that many yet. Here's some photographs of a few of them.
This first one is my favorite, the leaves would be the size of my hand, the palest of greens, edged like a petticoat in pink.
Do you see the flower buds emerging from the centre of the plant? Will have to wait a few days to see what colour they are going to be. Exciting isn't it?


Julie said...

These are flawless!!! I must look around your whole blog!!! Excellent photography! I love succulents! Yours are supurb!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful plants and photos Sal! I'm a succulent lover too, though my real gardening passion is vegetables. I took a few photos of my own a while back and posted them on my blog. Stop by some time if you like.