Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bougainvillea Magnifica.

The name says it all doesn't it. This one has been in now for 3 years, was only about 2 foot high, but I wanted something that would grow quickly over my bird aviary. It did!
Three sorts of native birds have made their nests in it too. And the racket that goes on in the late afternoon, when they are all coming back to their nests. You can't hear yourself think! But I love it.


Anonymous said...

The blog looks lovely Sal, the colours are glorious.
Kerry anne

Sally said...

Thank you Kerry Anne. Nice of you to say.

Kerry said...

The colour is just amazing

Signe said...

This Bougainvillea realy is beautiful.

Bougainvillea is one of my favorites. Unfortunately in my area it can only be grown as indoorplants.