Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Birds in my Aviary.

I have had an assortment of birds over the years, but have now settled down to just breeding these.

Left, female King Parrot (5 years old)
To the right is the male, just got him and he is 2 years old. They don't get their full colour until they are 3. Notice his beck turning red and a few feathers on his head and chest. Already, these two are making eyes at each other.

One of a pair of Blue Princess Parrots, below.

One of a pair of Green Princess Parrots. Such a pretty bird and very comical to watch.

Indian Ringnecks, a pair. Had these a month now and already they have laid 5 eggs in their breeding box, and hopefully soon, she will go in and sit a while! It will be interesting to see the colours of the babies.

And last is the Quail, bit of a nuisance really, as we have had to put on smaller wire at the bottom of the aviary, as their young are very small and very active from day one. However, they do do a good job in keeping the bottom of the aviary clean. Just don't step on a baby. Dad is on the right, mum in the middle and a 3 week old baby on left. Currently, I have one female sitting on eleven eggs. It will be interesting if they all hatch!!!!


Julie said...

What beautiful and sweet birds!!! So colorful.

Semlan said...

What a beautiful blog Sally! Love it!! Will come back here often!

Kerry said...

Your birds are beautiful Sal.

Rhyleysgranny said...

The birds are lovely. So exotic and colourful. Do you get eggs from the quail?

jaygirl said...

Those birds are stunning, thanks for posting the pictures, just lovely they are.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Sal.