Monday, November 17, 2008

My Wild Friends.

Rainbow Lorikeets are a regular visitor to my garden and what a delightful visitor they are too. Their constant chattering to each other and their playful fighting over food gives me such joy. The picture above was taken a few months ago after a heavy downfall of rain, I threw the bread (dipped in honey) out for them and down they came. I have had as many as 50 on my driveway and more in the trees above it.
Below is a close up of the Rainbow Lorikeet so you can see how colourful they are. This is a male. The colour between the sexes is very similar, but the male has a larger head. (Same as in humans really. LOL)

This picture was taken from Google Images. (No copyright involved)


Julie said...

Oh how beautiful, Sally!!! I can hear them now...what a pure delight to the senses! Where you live looks so similar to south Florida...I thought you must live here for sure, until I discovered you were in Australia!!! We have been seeing some noisy green birds down here lately...they are pretty...but I don't know what they are yet. I wonder if they could be Lorikeets? WOW!

Semlan said...

Hi Sal! When my son saw all the parrot picciies here, he declared that´s exactly what he wants for X-mas....a parrot! I´m not sure the parrot would appreciate moving to cold scandinavia in the middle of winter though ;)

Michelle said...

What a treat to get to see such beauties on a regular basis!