Friday, November 21, 2008

Penrith. N.S.W. Australia.

This is another *Guests spot* from around the world. This time, my parents house and gardens in Penrith. N.S.W. Above, is the front of the house, notice the Spirea (May bush) in the centre of the bed to the left. Not in flower here, but later in this post, it is mentioned again, in flower and with a wild visitor.
Below, is a photo of the back garden. Small, but well used and planted out with over 70 rose bushes, ferns, lilies, small trees and fuchsias. The swing has now travelled up the coast to my back garden, giving them a lot more room for plants.
This is/was Mum's pride of joy. Pride of Madeira. Sadly, with high winds and too much water (as it was a bit of a boggy site) It is no more. So yes, you have guessed it, drainage redone, and new roses are in.

The Tree Dalia. Grown from a cutting, and reached over ten foot in a year.
The perfume is outstanding, the bees love it, and the noise coming from them, is almost deafening. Busy bees.

Below, is the May bush mentioned earlier, but now in full bloom. And with a visitor. This lorikeet landed on my mum's head. Now let me explain. Mum doesn't like birds doing that (LOL), she is a little scarred of them. Fine, if they are in the air, trees or on the ground even, but not on her head! There is a photo somewhere, deep in my computer, with it on her head, but I wouldn't do it to her. (The look on her face is priceless)
So, one Rainbow Lorikeet sitting in May bush!


Anonymous said...

Sal, I love your Mum's garden, so much colour and I've never seen a Tree Dahlia before. I love scented plants. Thank you for sharing! Jen x

Rhyleysgranny said...

I have never seen or heard of a tree dahlia before. It looks lovely. Your Mum certainly loves her gardening. I have spireas too. Lovely shrubs. Does it actually flower in your May? I never get exotic visitors like that in mine though lol

Sally said...

Jen, thank you for visiting. The Tree Dahlia is fabulous isn't it. Has a thick trunk almost like a bamboo, and the flowers dancing in the wind, is a sight to be seen.
Brenda (Gran) No, it flowers in our spring (sept-oct time)but we still call it the May bush, left over from our U.K. upbringing I suppose.
Thank you girls for leaving a comment. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Sal, Love your blog, you and your Mum both have beautiful gardens.

I love your birds. I will never forget my first visit to Oz and saw a Lorikeet in my friends garden and run inside to tell them about this beautiful bird and was told "oh they are two a penny here" and no one even bothered to come outside and have a look.

Julie said...

Oh, how beautiful! The flowers are so stunning...but my oh my, that bird is just something else! Do you know what kind it is??? I do not see this bird here. Gorgeous!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful tree dahlia! Mine is struggling along in a pot, but it is blooming at the moment. Interesting that yours flowers in the spring and mine in the fall. That was a prize specimen of Pride of Madeira. Had one of those once upon a time too, it would self sow around the garden, but not too much.

culinarytravelsofakitchengoddess said...

Absolutely gorgeous garden Sal, So beautiful. I wish I had green fingers, but I'm too impatient, herbs and a few vegies are my limit atm. My Dad however loves gardening, so maybe I'll take to it eventually.

patientgardener said...

Thank you for sharing your Mum's garden. The lorikeet reminded me of the Galahas (not sure if that is spelt right) we saw when we visited my Uncle in Adelaide. Big pink and white Cockatoo type things.

Anne said...

Hi Sal! Discovered your blog through Blotanical, so glad I did!
I have pet parrots so your mention of breeding parrots really piqued my interest, but I'm also loving the garden photos. That tree dahlia is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I have read the comments on my garden and am delighted. Thank you all - so pleased that you like my humble garden. Sylvia (Sally's mother)

islandgal246 said...

wow I would love to have some of your plants in my garden! That may bush is just stunning . Can that grow in the tropicsa and the tree dahlia, and that christmas flower pokka something? LOL love your blog.

disa said...