Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Extraordinary Gold Star Special Award.

Well, I said in the previous post, that I should start giving out awards from this blog. (I have given some from my other blog, ) This one seems to sit well with me. Pink background, gold, and a star.
I adore the colour pink, gold is my favorite precious metal. The people who I am giving it to, are all stars.

In no special order, I would like to start with...

Julie in the U.S.A @
Julie has a very informative gardening blog and her passion shows.

Maria in the U.K. @
Maria loves pink too, and loves to bake and make cakes. Her pink spotted
chocolate cake is a *must see*. Yum yum Maria.

Vicky in the U.K. @
Vicky has a very tasty blog indeed. Her simple chocolate cake is a must. I did it for my eldest son's birthday recently.

Brenda in Ireland @
Brenda never seems to leave her kitchen, there is always something baking in that oven of hers. But we know she does leave it 'cos of the wonderful garden picture she sent me for the post IRELAND, in Guests Gardens.

The GIRLS of
Gail, Coby and Nikki, you are all excellent writers, cooks, cake decorators and photographers of food. This is one heck of a good blog. Keep it up girls.

Now, what I would like you all to do is....
Think long and hard to whom you would like to pass this on to. Select FIVE blogs, and pass this award on to them. Stating these rules. If we all pass it on to five, it should soon reach the whole of the blogging world.


Julie said...

Thankyou, Sally!!! WOW...what a sweet surprise!!! Gosh. I will pass it on too!
xoxo - Julie

Victoria Sponge said...

Thank you so much Sal! Big hugs.

Maria said...

Thank you so much Sally, your a sweetie!